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Subject: Dog Pound Daze, part 14Dog Pound Daze, part 14 by lennoxbearaol.comThe following is continuation of characters presented in Feelings of
Security and To Folsum and Beyond.NOTE: This story includes references and descriptions to gay, male to male
sex, if such matters offend you, please exit. Also, actions of a sexual
nature occur in this story which are not a statement supporting unsafe
sexual practices, this is a work of fiction Nonude Preteen
and fantasy.Red was working the front desk when Darrell and Ron walked into the gym.
He saw them coming and swallowed hard. His heart began racing and his palms
got sweaty.”Hey buddy, we really need to talk.” Darrell stood a couple of steps away
from the desk with his hands in his pockets. The tall muscular black man
looked as if he had lost his best friend. In fact he was.”I’m working guys, can’t talk about all of this right now, besides there
are a lot of things I need to get straight in my head.”Ron let out a deep sigh. “Look, we’re still trying to piece together
everything that happened ourselves. Sonny is on his way back to talk with
Vic. He has a theory about what happened.”"He has had time to construct a story and alibi, you mean. I need some
time to gather my thoughts and analyze how I feel.”"We can appreciate that, but we need to talk things through with you to
reconstruct what happened.”"I thought that was what Vic Nonude Preteen was for, after all, he’s the cop.” Darrell’s
shoulders dropped and he looked at the floor.”Look, for what it’s worth we both still love you and in no way ever meant
you to be left in a harmful situation.” Red closed the catalogues from
which he was ordering.”Yeah, I’ve heard that before in my life in San Francisco.”"So then you’ve moved out?” Ron was getting angry now. Red, the shortest
of the three men, stood behind the counter and crossed his arms.”No, not completely. I’m staying with Tom and Eric for a few days and need
some time and space. I think I deserve that much guys.”"Yes, you do.” Darrell bit is lip and placed his hand on Ron’s forearm.
Red gathered his papers and walked to his office. Richard who had been a
few feet away in the gym store approached the two big men.”Look guys, give him some time. I don’t think he knows for sure what he is
feeling right now, especially where a relationship is concerned. He hasn’t
always made the right moves in his life and for good or bad, is an overly
trusting guy. He wants everyone to be good and doesn’t always see the bad
sides to people. Not that I’m saying you’re bad, believe me, but he’s a
confused pup right now.”"Yeah, I guess you’re right. At least tell him we do still love him Nonude Preteen
want him in our lives.”"I think he’s realizing that.” Darrell and Ron went back to work. Richard
walked into Red’s office and found the beefy fireplug man sitting behind
his desk holding his head.”You OK?” Richard rubbed the big cannonball shoulders. Red was damp with
sweat.”No. I don’t know how I feel and don’t know how to sort things through.”"Why don’t you ask Tom Pratt for a referral. He helped you before and Nonude Preteen I am
sure he will again.” Red shook his head and stood up to fall against
Richard. The older man hugged and held him for several minutes.”I’m going to go workout and try to relieve some of this stress. The free
weight room isn’t too crowded right now, so it may help. After I call
Dr. Pratt. I need to get as many things back to normal in my life.”Richard walked out and saw Dell watching from the cafe. He walked over
and sat at the end of the counter away from the straight members having
health drinks. “Red still a bit wobbly?”"Yeah but he’s calling Tom Pratt for a referral which will help and he’s
pushing to stabilize or rather normalize his daily life.”"What about Darrell and Ron?”"They aren’t happy and quite frankly it looks like they goofed. I don’t
know if I trust what this Sonny may say, but I’ll leave that to Vic and his
fellow officers to decide.”"I agree. Don’t forget we have that appointment his afternoon to finalize
the house plans. This is moving real fast. My head is spinning.”"Really. So is mine. You realize we could be in a new house by the
holidays if things keep up at this pace?”"Yeah, hard to believe.” A couple of the members who had been sitting at
the counter got up to leave and Dell waved. They stopped as the left.”Look, we heard a couple of rumours about things that had happened to Red.”
The woman and her big beefy husband were regulars at the gym. “We hope
he’s OK. We really like all you guys and want you to know we don’t care
about sexual orientation. You’re all really good people. This is the best
gym we’ve ever been in and appreciate the hard work you guys put into it.
This all sounds so cliche but tell him to hang in there, it will all
work out. He’s has our prayers.”"Thanks, I’ll tell him.” Dell shook the man’s hand and watched as they
left. By the end of the day more than half the straight members had asked
about Red and wished him well. Red was visibly touched by the sincere
response people had extended. Vic found him sweating away in the free
weight room.”How ya doing buddy? Red plopped the 90# bells he had been using for
incline presses and shook Vic’s hand.”OK, how goes the investigation, for lack of a better word?”"Well, it’s going. Turns out Sonny’s alibis all check out. So we are
focusing our attention on the guy who came over to pick him up and take him
back to his hotel. Sonny was in the shower when they got there, he says he
finished showering and that they told him, Sonny, he had undone your
restraints. Only he hadn’t. Then he appears to have copped a set of keys
you guys had hanging in the kitchen.”"They aren’t there?”"No, think back about when you may have noticed a change in the sexual
goings-on.”"Well, I knew whoever came in, and I think, it had to be like maybe Sunday,
did me quick and then left. Later, when they came back, I don’t think it
was Sonny or Darrell. The dicks were too small.”"They?”"Yeah, there were always two or more guys after the initial sex. And I
know Darrell and Ron’s dicks.” Red’s face went crimson. “And Sonny’s,
well, the man had a horse cock, almost as big as Eric.”"Well, you confirmed what your neighbour said, and that was that he was
sure he saw three men enter your apartment and that one of them came back a
couple of times with other men.”"So, I was gang banged by a roving gang and left for more. But why did
Darrell and Ron leave me in the first place?”"They knew you and Sonny had fucked in the trailer, actually, they thought
it might calm your sex drive. They thought they could trust him since he
had had you before and that you would be OK with him.”"I’m sorry, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It’s not like
them to just leave me tied up for sex. Although, I was literally fucked
all night. I guess, I don’t have a very good perception of how time passed
there.”"That’s why I need to question Sonny when he Nonude Preteen gets back. Look, uh, all this
sex stuff, I need to go. I’ll talk with you later.” Vic walked out of the
gym carrying his clipboard in front of him. Nonude Preteen He went to the basement
looking for his partner Joe. Joe was putting away some tools from a repair
job on another floor when Vic walked into the storage room and closed the
door. The big cop unbuttoned his shirt and ran his hands over the beefy
furry chest. Joe looked at him with some amusement but was soon backed
against the workbench and yard of cop tongue down his throat. Vic pulled
his 501’s open and yanked out the big dick. He looked Joe in the eyes and
literally drooled.”I really shouldn’t handle these sex cases.” Vic dropped to his knees and
swallowed the growing shaft.”Holy shit Vic, what’s got into you? Uh, oh man, no not the balls.” Vic
sucked down the big furry balls and had Joe pushing him away to stop. “If
you keep that up I’m gonna shoot a big load all over your uniform.” He
looked down at Vic. Who looked back up at him. Vic’s only response was to
suck the big balls harder. Looking down, all Joe saw was a big, beefy,
bodybuilder Nonude Preteen cop in blue uniform swallowing his cock and balls. The shirt
was open exposing the massive pecs. The shirtsleeves strained to hold back
the pumped arms as Vic pulled his jeans down and massaged the heavily
muscled blond furry legs. Joe loved having his legs massaged. Vic stood
up slowly, pushing Joe’s T-shirt up as he rose. The shirt went over Joe’s
sculpted shoulders as Vic sucked hard on the man’s nipples.”Vic, hold on, you’re biting, oh fuck. Suck those tits pig.” Joe held
Vic’s head against his chest as the hot mouth work his nips. Vic sucked the
big nips as his hand stroked the hard prick. Joe pushed his chest forward
to get as much of his pec into Vic’s mouth as possible. “Oh man, get those
pants down and aim that butt my way.”"YES sir.” Vic dropped his pants and turned around. Joe whipped his
briefs down as Vic threw one leg up on the workbench and spread his cheeks.
Joe buried his tongue in the beefy butt and drove it in until Vic thought
his nose had entered his ass. The big cop was groaning in pig heaven and
bucking his hard ass into the air. His cock rubbed against the rough wood
of the workbench to heighten his response. He begged Joe to fuck him.Mike walked down the long hallway to the storage room with the handle from
one of the treadmills. Nonude Preteen
It had come loose and he didn’t have the proper size
allen wrench to fix it. The cardio equipment was in such heavy use that
they didn’t want a piece of equipment out of commission too long. Their
maintenance man, who was three days older than dirt, had finally retired
and Red and Richard had not been able to hire a replacement. Mike needed
to borrow a tool from Joe to fix it. He pushed down the door handle and
walked into the storage room. Vic was bent over the workbench with Joe’s
dick buried up his ass to the big flopping balls. Mike stopped cold and
apologized. Vic yelled at him to halt or he would shoot. He motioned for
Mike to come in and as the big man got close, yanked down his spandex
shorts to free the quickly hardening cock.Mike’s cock was down Vic’s hot throat in two seconds. The cop was really
in hog heaven now, getting fucked from both ends. Mike and Joe made eye
contact. Mike could tell that Joe was not going to last much longer. The
massive maintenance man was holding onto an overhead rack for hanging
tools. His thick arms were flexing and the veins popping out. His upper
body was covered in sweat as he leaned back slightly and fucked his partner
as hard as he could. The hard fucking was forcing Vic down on Mike’s stiff
dick. Mike had to hold onto the bench to keep Nonude Preteen from falling backwards. Vic
grabbed Mike’s hard ass and held on himself. Slowly he slid a finger up
Mike’s hot butt and hit the big man’s button.”Oh yeah buddy, get another finger up that ass. Shit, I’m gonna cum.”
Mike looked at Joe, whose face was beet red as he tried to hold off until
Mike was ready. “Let go.” Vic got two huge loads up his ass and down his
throat. Joe let out a long low moan as Vic started shooting and his ass
tightened even more on his lover’s cock.”Wow, I came down here to see if you could fix this handle, but didn’t
expect to get this one fixed.” Mike squeezed his swollen cock as Vic lay
on the workbench gasping. Joe’s cock slid slowly out of his lover’s fucked
butthole as the cop groaned with the release.”Vic, you take the meaning of pig a step further every Nonude Preteen
day.”"I’m sworn to serve.” Was the muffled response from the sweaty mass of
beef that was trying to stand up. “I gotta get back to work. We gonna
workout later?”"Hell yeah, I’m not letting your lazy ass off that easily.” He slapped
Vic’s ass as the cop worked to straighten out his uniform. Mike pulled his
shorts back up but the thick swollen cock only looked obscene in the
spandex.”Does this happen down here all the time?”"No, I was upstairs talking to Red about his, well, situation, and the
whole thing just got me really horny.” Vic buttoned his tight shirt, his
pants still down at his ankles, cum on his shiny shoes. “Ah, look what you
made me do.” He pointed at his shoe.”You’re just upset cause you don’t have time to lick it off.” Vic smiled
and kissed his lover. Mike just shook his head.”Doug would never handle this, the man is still so naive. But, I love him
anyway. Uh, not to change the subject, but do you have a wrench that will
fit this?” He held up the handle.”Yeah, just leave it and I’ll be up in a minute to fix it for you. I need
to catch my breath and try to get my happy dick back into my jeans. Vic
reached down and tugged on it Nonude Preteen again. “Don’t do that, you have to get back
to work.”"Whoa, yeah, I better get moving, see ya later. You too, Mikey. Anytime
you guys want a piece of this cop’s butt, just say so.”"Oh, for heaven’s sake, will you just go back to work.” Joe pushed him
toward the door and licked his lips at the sight of the big muscle butt in
the snug uniform pants. The door closed and Joe laughed. “I really love
the man but he’s going to lose his job if he doesn’t quit coming over here
for sex when he gets horny.”"Hey, it’s better than his getting it elsewhere.”"This is true, although, I’m not sure it isn’t happening anyway. The more
we fuck, the more he wants it. I thought as you got older that your sex
drive decreased. Nonude Preteen
Someone needs to explain that to that man.”"Well, he seems totally devoted to you and that’s not a bad thing. I’ll
see ya upstairs in a few minutes, I have a client I need to get to now.”
Mike tugged on Joe’s still semi-hard dick and sprinted back upstairs. Red
was back at the front desk when Joe walked in with his toolbox. His
shirttail hung out and his face was flushed. Red sniffed the air.”Cop sex.” Sniff. Joe just looked at him. “Besides, that shirttail
doesn’t hide the fact that your dick is hard.”Joe shook his head in disbelief. “It happens every time. He comes in
here, then finds me and attacks me for sex. Then my dick stays hard all
afternoon.” Dell had come over at that time and stopped short. He looked
at Red, then Joe. Then headed upstairs to find Richard.Red smirked. “Must be break time.”Kyle sat in the apartments bedroom studying for a test when he heard the
door open and shut quickly. He jumped up to greet Mark but stopped in the
doorway. Mark leaned against the inside of the door. His face was bloody
with one eye swelling shut. His clothes were dirty and his T-shirt half
torn off his muscular body.”Good grief, what happened?” He ran to help Mark as the big student
slumped toward a chair. Mark dropped his backpack in the middle of the
room and crashed to the floor. “Mark?”Tom and Eric both raced to the hospital when they got Kyle’s frantic call.
The young man was sitting in the corner of the waiting room when they
arrived. He looked as though he had been crying but both men knew he
wasn’t going to show it in public. Tom sat down next to him and put his
arm over his shoulder.”What happened?” Eric went to the desk to ask for Tom Pratt.”As near as I can tell, from what little Mark could tell me, a couple Nonude Preteen of
new guys who reported for spring football camp bashed him. They evidently
heard rumours and decided it was time to beat the fag.”"No one on the team has ever tried anything like this before. Nonude Preteen What made
these guys different?”"Don’t know for sure. I think the may have transferred in and pieced
together stories about Mark and me.”"Tom Pratt is with him and setting up Nonude Preteen
another doctor to look after Mark.
He’s going to be OK, Kyle.” Eric sat on the other side of the young man.
His eyes met Tom’s and locked. “Did you call the police?”"I called Vic but he was Nonude Preteen out. I also called the coach. He’s on his way.”
Eric Nonude Preteen got up to call the police again.”I guess we jus got too open with our relationship.”Tom frowned. “It’s not like you guys were obviously gay. Something else
had to set them off to you.” Kyle shrugged his shoulders and sighed. Tom
comforted his brother and watched Eric from across the room. Coach
Anderson walked into the waiting room. He had always been a fair
understanding man who didn’t like to judge people except on their ability
to play football. He had worked hard with Mark as the young man added
muscle to improve his game and was encouraging in his remarks.”Kyle? How’s Mark? How are you?” He sat on the chair next Kyle and
placed his hand on the boy’s knee. Kyle explained as best he could what he
thought happened but preferred that Coach hear the story directly from
Mark. Tom introduced himself and shook Nonude Preteen hands with the big man.”You’re the guy who owns the Dog Pound Gym. I hear god things about it and
about you guys. Pretty class operation you have going there. You have any
problems with people over you’re being gay.” Tom reacted with a puzzled
look. “It’s not exactly a secret about you and Eric Stout but most people
hold you both in high regard. It only take a couple of rotten apples.”"Yeah, it does. We haven’t had any problems. I deal in honesty up front.
If someone asks, I tell them the truth. If the chose not to join because
the place is gay-owned, that’s their decision.”"That’s the way I operate. Judge people for themselves.”"But are we really that obvious?”The coach laughed. “No, but my brother goes there and he’s gay. But rather
closeted. Nonude Preteen And I won’t tolerate anyone on my team doing things like this.
We are a team who play football. If they have a problem with someone’s
personal life, they leave it off the field, or they don’t play for me. I
don’t buy that shit.”"Thanks, that’s nice to hear.”Kyle sat back and shook his head. “I don’t think Mark will rat on them, to
keep from having more problems.”"Someone beats on you and sends you to the emergency room deserves to be
ratted on, son.” Tom agreed.”Maybe Vic can convince him to tell the police.” Kyle leaned into Tom.”I hope so.” Tom Pratt came out of the OR as Eric walked in with Vic.
They clued Vic in on the details then looked at Pratt.”He’s OK, a lot of bruises and some pretty bad cuts. The eye and the lip
will be swollen for a long time. Fortunately, no internal injuries, he
didn’t look good when you brought him in but he was lucky. He’s very sore
but wants company. He’s also very scared but won’t admit, be careful not
to upset him. You, Vic, he may not want to talk to you at all.”"He collapsed. For heaven’s sake, that’s assault and battery.” Tom Pratt
sighed and reached for Kyle. He hugged the young man and pushed him toward
the room.”I know Vic. We all do but we’re dealing with young men with big egos and
some pretty deep seated hatred.” Vic’s mouth went in a tight scowl.Coach Anderson took a deep breath. “Look, I ain’t no young man, and I
ain’t saying that I am the most perfect person in the world but I don’t buy
this intolerance bullshit. They aren’t playing on any team of mine.
What’s to stop them from jumping him in the showers after practice or a
game? He may not want to press charges but I don’t want them on my team.
No way, no sir.”Pratt smiled quietly. “I appreciate that Coach but you may not find out
right away. He may tell you in time, but don’t expect him to open up
tonight.”Eric looked at Tom and turned his back to the group. “Let’s hope Bill and
Steve don’t find out and take matters into their own hands. Those kids
will wish they died in the Blair Witch Project.”The men crowded into the room against regulations to visit Mark. He sat in
bed propped up between pillows. His face was swollen and bruised. One eye
was completely shut and his lip was swollen to the point he could barely
talk. Kyle held his bruised hand and rubbed his arm. Eric squeezed Tom’s
hand and motioned toward Vic. The cop’s face was in torment as he
struggled to control the anger that was building inside of him. The coach
squeezed Mark’s shoulder and reassured him he would be OK. He didn’t have
anything to worry about as far as making the team went he just needed to
concentrate on recovering.Tom Pratt tapped Tom on the shoulder and pulled him aside. “He’s loaded
with painkillers and is going to conk out at any moment. Why don’t you
take Kyle home? Mark needs to rest, he’ll be all right, really.” Tom
agreed. The men visited for a couple of minutes then left Mark to rest.
Tom hugged his brother as they walked out and felt Eric’s arm wrap around
his waist. Vic left with the coach. They knew the two men were going to
find out who did this no matter what.Eric unlocked the doors on the Lincoln. “Do you want to stay with us for a
couple of Nonude Preteen
days until Mark gets home?” Kyle shook his head no. He had to
study and wanted to be alone. They dropped him at his apartment and
promised to check on him later. Eric pulled away from the curb.”It’s still early, ready for the gym?” Tom shrugged his shoulders and
slowly agreed. “We need to get you ready.”"Ready? For what?”"The bodybuilding contest I entered you in.”"You what?”"I entered you in a contest.”"But, I’ve never competed before, what makes you think I can be ready?
When is this and where?”"Chicago, after IML. Just imagine how hot you will look at IML.” Tom just
blinked.”You really want me to do this?”"Oh yeah, you have great potential. And I’m going to workout with you,
won’t it be hot.”"Oh yeah, you as coach, that’s scary.”"You’ll be super, just wait.” Eric drove to the gym and announced his plan
to Red at the desk. Red was all for it and offered to join the workout
group. Eric was beaming from ear to ear as he bounced down the steps to
the locker room. Tom stood at the desk shaking his head slowly. He looked
at Red who appeared way to eager to do this.”You do realize, that every time we start some intense program, we end up
on some special herbal stack from Pratt that has us fucking like bunnies.”Red grinned even bigger. “I’m counting on it.”Comments - suggestions? Lennoxbearaol.com
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